Jamie Maitland – Bio

Jamie Maitland, a certified holistic nutritionist and gut health specialist, is a prominent figure in the fitness industry. With a profound commitment to promoting health and wellness, Jamie has garnered recognition as a trusted authority within her field.

Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Jamie’s passion for fitness and nutrition stems from her personal journey and desire to help others achieve optimal well-being. Her dedication to continuous learning led her to acquire certifications as a Holistic Nutritionist, Advanced Gut Health specialist, and Holistic Health Coach through IIN Nutrition School.

Jamie’s career in the fitness industry took off in 2015 when she co-founded Fort Lauderdale’s first and largest indoor cycling studio. As an elite instructor, she quickly gained popularity for her unique coaching style and attention to detail. Jamie’s ability to curate captivating playlists and tailor workouts to individual needs distinguishes her as a sought-after fitness professional.

In 2019, Jamie embarked on a new venture, establishing “The Office,” a boutique fitness studio that stands out for its diverse range of workouts. From boxing and barre to sculpt classes and yoga, The Office offers a comprehensive fitness experience under one roof. With an intimate class size limited to 12 participants, Jamie ensures a personalized approach to training. The studio’s immersive nightclub ambiance, enhanced by cutting-edge lighting and sound systems, creates a vibrant atmosphere that motivates and inspires.

Driven by her evolving interests, Jamie expanded her focus to encompass holistic nutrition and overall wellness. In 2021, she launched “The Office Health,” a health and wellness company that offers top-quality nutritional products, supplements, and exclusive retreat experiences. Jamie’s mission is to provide personalized solutions and experiences that go beyond mere information, empowering individuals to cultivate a harmonious and balanced lifestyle.

Recognizing the profound impact of health and wellness beyond fitness and food, Jamie aims to influence culture and effect sustainable change. By redefining the norms and questioning societal practices, she endeavors to create environments that support optimal well-being. Through motivation and inspiration, Jamie seeks to transform the culture of health and wellness, ultimately contributing to a healthier and happier world.

For more information, media inquiries, and collaborations, please contact Jamie Maitland to discuss the potential of a partnership with this influential figure in the fitness industry.


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